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What is hip: Paul Gilbert - Vibrato

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  • 26.2.2013

    Let's put it this way: I won't update this site anymore. I have a feeling that no-one these days has time to dig into other people's personal websites. However, if there are people out there who want to follow what's happening with me, check out this blog that I started with my awesome guitar-wielding friend or subscribe to me on Youtube!

  • 3.1.2013

    I signed an endorsement deal with Impression cymbals! Naturally this means that the drum gear page was updated :)

  • 24.3.2012

    Recently I've had no time and/or energy to keep this site up-to-date. So if there's someone reading this, I'll just recommend you check out The Music of Erich Zann studiolive, which rocks!

  • 12.10.2011

    Life has been very busy but very very exciting recently! Seems like one can accomplish a lot when not sitting passively in front of the TV or PC, who would've thought! Here's a new drum solo that I did for a finnish drum solo competition, check it out, unless you hate triplets!

  • 19.8.2011

    I split the audio/video -page into two. Planning to release some new old audio soon.

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